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  • Crix Tel-ovis

    Antagonistic towards droids. Owns and operates [[Tel-ovis Salvage]]. Owns an R5 droid. Views [[:bengara]] as a jealous rival out to sink his business.

  • R'Kayza

    Proprietor of [[The Shunted 'Spanner]], a cantina in [[Mos Taike]]. A former space-going mechanic, she opened the cantina after a crippling accident.

  • Chussk

    Chussk owns the YT-1300 _[[Ghlaghghee]]_, which he has outfitted for captive transport. He's known to take jobs for [[:zilka | Zilka the Hutt]].

  • Zilka the Hutt

    Bases his operations from [[Zilka's palace|his palace]] in [[Mos Taike]]. Relative (of uncertain degree) to Jabba.

  • Bengara

    Owns [[Offworld Traders]]. Bombastic and ostentatious. An inveterate bargainer. Views [[:crix]] as a crazy old coot with an inferiority complex.

  • Hotho Allaran

    Hotho is grossly overweight and despises the Tatooine heat, despite his species' affinity for the climate. Hotho operates the warehouse components of the [[Mos Taike Spaceport]]. This includes a droid market at Warehouse Alpha, as well as business ( …

  • Norun Gep

    Gep owns [[Gep's Grill]], a sidewalk meat shop located near [[Mos Taike Spaceport|Landing Pad Beta]]. He has an additional venture in [[Spaceport Express]], a regular courier service between [[Mos Taike]] and Anchorhead, home to the nearest major …

  • Omon Gantum

    Gantum handles the courier side of [[Spaceport Express]], shuttling small cargo between [[Mos Taike]] (and other small towns) and Anchorhead via airspeeder. He is not resident in Mos Taike, but stops off to see [[:gep]] every few days for pickups and …

  • Sylvet Givvers

    Sylvet Givvers is the manager of the [[Mos Taike]] branch of [[Arkanis Imperial Bank and Trust]]. He values propriety and punctuality, and given the tenor of Mos Taike, is usually disappointed.

  • Avrani Walda

    Owner/operator of [[The Gilded Jawa]] in [[Mos Taike]], Walda has mastered the art of milking every last centicred from her customers without _quite_ driving them to forswear any notion of repeat business. Labyrinthine contracts and a web of interlocking …

  • T'ar Ta'avon

    T'ar Ta'avon is one of [[Mos Taike]]'s few competent, if not strictly "qualified", mechanics. She'll work on nearly anything, but tinkering with starships is her true passion. Make no mistake, it is tinkering, and she values her professional privacy: …

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