Mos Taike

Mos Taike is a minor settlement on Tatooine. It’s situated atop a bluff in the midst of the Dune Sea. An urban oasis, access to Mos Taike is virtually impossible without the aid of a vehicle.

Starships may access Mos Taike Spaceport (2-7; 15), and guests of Zilka the Hutt may be invited to use the private landing pad at his palace (1). Overland travellers must pass through the electrogate (12) that guards the only access route.

Notable Businesses

Other Notables

  • the Mos Taike master vaporator (17) is the highest point in the city
  • Zilka maintains barracks (13) outside of his palace for his Gamorrean guard force
  • A shantytown (19) houses many of the laborers from the Slagworks
  • T’ar Ta’avon (20) is a local mechanic.

Mos Taike

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