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  • The Shunted 'Spanner

    *The Shunted 'Spanner* is a cantina in the Tatooine enclave of [[Mos Taike]]. Owned by [[:rkayza]], it's named for the accident that ended her space-going career. The dim interior is decorated with non-functional starship components, much of it donated by …

  • Mos Taike

    Mos Taike is a minor settlement on Tatooine. It's situated atop a bluff in the midst of the Dune Sea. An urban oasis, access to Mos Taike is virtually impossible without the aid of a vehicle. Starships may access [[Mos Taike Spaceport]] (2-7; 15), and …

  • Tel-ovis Salvage

    Tel-ovis Salvage is [[Mos Taike]]'s finest supplier of certified pre-owned speeder, swoop, and starship components. [[:crix | Crix Tel-ovis]], Proprietor.

  • Mos Taike Spaceport

    Mos Taike Spaceport is a Limited Services facility scattered around the rim of Mos Taike's mesa. There are three landing pads, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, each with associated warehousing facilities. Spaceport control is centrally located in the town. …

  • Offworld Traders

    Offworld Traders is just across the street from [[Tel-ovis Salvage]] in [[Mos Taike]] and is marked by a rusty old stylized rocket ship. The shop specializes in fine goods from across the galaxy, including luxurious clothing, exotic art, and hard-to-find …

  • Zilka's palace

    [[:zilka | Zilka the Hutt's]] opulent palace dominates the skyline of [[Mos Taike]] and serves as the Hutt's base of operations for his criminal enterprises. It is guarded by a mix of Gamorreans and droids, and a number of servants, supplicants, and …

  • electrogate

    Only one land route into [[Mos Taike]] exists, and that stone step is barricaded by an *electrogate* to prevent incursions by Tusken Raiders. [[:zilka]]'s Gamorreans normally operate the gate as superficial justification for the Hutt's protection racket.

  • barracks

    [[:zilka]]'s force of Gamorrean guards are quartered in the *barracks*. The Hutt has ensured that no other civil authority holds power in [[Mos Taike]], and so these guards regrettably constitute the police force of the city, such as it is.

  • Gep's Grill

    *Gep's Grill*, owned by [[:gep]], bills itself as the home of the best dewback ribs in [[Mos Taike]]. A sidewalk shack with no seating, it's co-located with [[Spaceport Express]]. [[File:326601 | class=media-item-align-right | geps_grill.JPG]] h2. …

  • Spaceport Express

    *Spaceport Express* is a regional small-package courier service between the major starport in Anchorhead and smaller Tatooine cities like [[Mos Taike]]. [[:gantum]] owns the company and makes the courier runs in his T-16 Skyhopper, but franchises the end- …

  • shantytown

    The [[Mos Taike]] *shantytown* is a collection of low-end housing on the fractured portion of the mesa's southern edge. Access is by rickety bridges strung over the canyons and crevasses.

  • Slagworks

    The *Slagworks* are the above-ground smelting portion of the pit mining operation beneath the [[Mos Taike]] mesa. Gamorrean foremen oversee operations, and most of the workforce lives in the nearby [[shantytown]]. The [[Mos Taike Spaceport|spaceport]]' …

  • The Gilded Jawa

    *The Gilded Jawa* is [[Mos Taike]]'s finest (and only) inn for spacers, traders, and other itinerants. Conveniently located near [[Mos Taike Spaceport|Landing Bay Alpha]], the Jawa's rates are moderately low on the surface but loaded with additional fees …

  • Arkanis Imperial Bank and Trust

    *Arcanis Imperial Bank and Trust* is a regional member of the Imperial InterGalactic Banking Clan, and offers transactional services with other IGBC members throughout the Empire and affiliated space. A branch office is located in [[Mos Taike]], with [[: …

  • Crix Tel-ovis

    Antagonistic towards droids. Owns and operates [[Tel-ovis Salvage]]. Owns an R5 droid. Views [[:bengara]] as a jealous rival out to sink his business.

  • R'Kayza

    Proprietor of [[The Shunted 'Spanner]], a cantina in [[Mos Taike]]. A former space-going mechanic, she opened the cantina after a crippling accident.

  • Chussk

    Chussk owns the YT-1300 _[[Ghlaghghee]]_, which he has outfitted for captive transport. He's known to take jobs for [[:zilka | Zilka the Hutt]].

  • Zilka the Hutt

    Bases his operations from [[Zilka's palace|his palace]] in [[Mos Taike]]. Relative (of uncertain degree) to Jabba.

  • Bengara

    Owns [[Offworld Traders]]. Bombastic and ostentatious. An inveterate bargainer. Views [[:crix]] as a crazy old coot with an inferiority complex.

  • Hotho Allaran

    Hotho is grossly overweight and despises the Tatooine heat, despite his species' affinity for the climate. Hotho operates the warehouse components of the [[Mos Taike Spaceport]]. This includes a droid market at Warehouse Alpha, as well as business ( …

  • Norun Gep

    Gep owns [[Gep's Grill]], a sidewalk meat shop located near [[Mos Taike Spaceport|Landing Pad Beta]]. He has an additional venture in [[Spaceport Express]], a regular courier service between [[Mos Taike]] and Anchorhead, home to the nearest major …

  • Omon Gantum

    Gantum handles the courier side of [[Spaceport Express]], shuttling small cargo between [[Mos Taike]] (and other small towns) and Anchorhead via airspeeder. He is not resident in Mos Taike, but stops off to see [[:gep]] every few days for pickups and …

  • Sylvet Givvers

    Sylvet Givvers is the manager of the [[Mos Taike]] branch of [[Arkanis Imperial Bank and Trust]]. He values propriety and punctuality, and given the tenor of Mos Taike, is usually disappointed.

  • Avrani Walda

    Owner/operator of [[The Gilded Jawa]] in [[Mos Taike]], Walda has mastered the art of milking every last centicred from her customers without _quite_ driving them to forswear any notion of repeat business. Labyrinthine contracts and a web of interlocking …

  • T'ar Ta'avon

    T'ar Ta'avon is one of [[Mos Taike]]'s few competent, if not strictly "qualified", mechanics. She'll work on nearly anything, but tinkering with starships is her true passion. Make no mistake, it is tinkering, and she values her professional privacy: …

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