Mos Taike Spaceport

Mos Taike Spaceport is a Limited Services facility scattered around the rim of Mos Taike’s mesa. There are three landing pads, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, each with associated warehousing facilities. Spaceport control is centrally located in the town. Refuelling is the only direct service provided by the Spaceport; provisioning and repair must be taken up with independent contractors in town.

The landing pads are open to the sky, but are surrounded by tall pourstone walls and magshields to provide protection against sandstorms.

Overseer Kole manages arrivals and departures from the Spaceport. Hotho Allaran oversees the warehouses.

Zilka the Hutt operates a private landing pad independent of the Spaceport.

Mos Taike Spaceport

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